Case Study: Restoring Trails for the Girl Scouts of Northern California

May 8, 2024
Our professional Trail Crew restored trail connections so Camp Hidden Falls could reopen and connect hundreds of Girl Scouts with nature each year.

After a landslide on their property, the Girl Scouts of Northern California no longer had access to the waterfall that is the namesake of Camp Hidden Falls in Soquel, CA. The trail to the falls traverses a steep slope with staircases, and many sections of the trail and its structures (retaining walls, stairs, bridge) were in a state of disrepair and deterioration. We developed a scope of work to restore access to the falls, improve the safety for campers, and keep the trail in great shape for years to come.


Our professional Trail Crew removed a large fallen log that was blocking the trail and installed a rock wall to dry up and prevent erosion on a perpetually wet section of the trail that ran through a swale. To keep costs low, we used onsite rock rather than import materials. We also reestablished the lower section of the badly eroded trail and made some general improvements for performance and safety throughout.

Following those trail repairs, we tackled carpentry work and installed new railings and bridge improvements throughout the trail. Finally, our team replaced 20 wooden steps that were rotting near the entrance to the falls.

Two years have passed since this project was completed, and the trail’s holding up great!


Camp Reopens with Renewed Access

Following the work completed by our crew, Hidden Falls Camp could reopen post-wildfire.

Improved Safety & Fun

Camp staff have peace of mind regarding the safety of campers who use the trail. New features make the trail more fun to hike, too!

Low-Maintenance Asset

Two years later, the trail’s still in great condition. It sees thousands of trips per year and delivers smiles each time.


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