Cotoni-Coast Dairies Update

September 26, 2022
A recent ruling on an appeal submitted to the Interior Board of Land Appeals has caused an unexpected delay in the opening of Cotoni-Coast Dairies.

The Bureau of Land Management has paused their construction on a parking lot at Cotoni-Coast Dairies due to a recent ruling on an appeal submitted to the Interior Board of Land Appeals. The appeal is specific to parking lots, which the Bureau of Land Management is responsible for constructing at the northern and southern access points.

What this means:

  • SCMTS’ trail development plans are unaffected, and construction is still moving forward.

  • We are optimistic that parking lot construction at the northern access point will resume soon, and that trail opening delays will be minimal.

Statement from SCMTS Executive Director, Matt De Young:

  • “While we’re disappointed that this appeal will delay the development of a parking lot for the northern Cotoni-Coast Dairies trail network, trail construction is unaffected and we’re still out there bringing new trails to life every day. We’re optimistic that the public will be able to enjoy the beauty, adventure, and fun that these trails offer, and are glad to have more time to fundraise and complete the last loop of northern trail. We’re proud to support the Bureau of Land Management as they work with the north coast community to mitigate parking concerns at the southern access point.”

We will share more information as we hear.


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