Flood Park Pump Track in Menlo Park, CA Now Open!

October 21, 2023
Saturday, October 21st marked the opening day for the brand-new pump track.

San Mateo County Parks opened the Flood Park Pump Track in Menlo Park, CA to a welcoming community! Users of all ages and abilities came by the pump track on opening day to have a turn testing the flow of the new outdoor recreation resource.

Check out some clips from opening day!

The track is located at 215 Bay Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

In just 11 weeks, our professional crew turned an old, run-down tennis court into a brand-new pump track (the tennis courts will be relocated to a new location in the park). The track is roughly 12,00 square feet and given it’s asphalt surface, will accommodate a variety of users from bikers, to skaters, to scooters, and more!

The new pump track is a part of San Mateo County Park’s Realize Flood Park plan to turn the community’s input into a reality at Flood Park. The plan’s goal is to make vast improvements to the park from recreation resources to infrastructure to landscaping and more in order to better fit the area’s current and future needs.

Congratulations to San Mateo County Parks on the new outdoor recreation resource for the community—thanks for trusting us to bring it to life; we’re glad we could be a part of it.

Learn more about Flood Park Pump Track!


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