Recap: National Trails Day 2024!

July 1, 2024

Volunteers: 463 // Volunteer Hours: 1,670 // Sites: 22

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and partied with us for our second-annual National Trails Day celebration! 463 volunteers came out and donated 1,670 hours of their time across Santa Cruz County where work ranged from brushing to trash clean-up, to tread repairs, and even some new trail construction. There were also a few events for those not feeling the trail work like a naturalist hike and a guided bike ride. We won’t bore you with the extensive project report from each individual site but check out the summed-up trail work stats from the day:

Linear Feet Brushed: 37,520 (7.1 miles)

Linear Feet Maintained (Tread Improvements/Repairs): 10,470 (1.9 miles)

Linear Feet of New Trail Construction: 450

Drains Maintained: 116

Trash Bags of Invasive Species Removed: 83

Hazard Trees Removed: 2

Pounds of Trash Removed: 200+

After a busy morning getting all of that work done, everyone headed over to Woodhouse Blending and Brewing for the after-party where each volunteer was greeted with a free meal by Sampa Brazilian Kitchen, a cold beverage by Woodhouse, and a happening celebration! Space Heater laid down some funky tunes while local artists sold art pieces, faces were painted, and yard games were played. Just after 3 p.m., we kicked off the raffle where we saw volunteers go home with prizes like Patagonia pants, new helmets, tons of local art, a FOX fork, and so much more.

“I just want to say thanks again to everyone who came out for National Trails Day. We can do our best to plan and organize an event like this but it really comes down to everyone who shows up to make it such an awesome day.” — Emma Ussat

The bar has been raised for next year. June 7, 2025—mark your calendars now!

Scroll on for some of our favorite photos by Christine La and others!

^ A few of our favorite selfies.

The entire photo album can be found here.



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