SCMTS Trail Crew Breaks Ground as Prime Contractor on Menlo Park Pump Track

August 17, 2023
We’ve been hired by San Mateo County Parks to construct a new pump track at Flood Park. All revenue generated from this project will support donor-funded trail development in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We’re pleased to announce that our team was recently awarded the role of prime contractor for the upcoming Flood County Park Pump Track in Menlo Park, CA. This is the first stage of the County’s “Realize Flood Park” renovation campaign, and we’re honored to kick off the upgrades. Our professional SCMTS Trail Crew plans to construct this new, paved pump track in roughly ten weeks so that users can get outside and enjoy this new community resource as soon as possible.

We’ve held our contractors license for four years, and sporadically complete fee-for-service work to support our donor-funded projects. San Mateo County is funding this pump track construction. Revenue generated from this project will be directed into our donor-funded pool to support new trails at Cotoni-Coast Dairies, ongoing stewardship programs, and local trail maintenance efforts.

What’s a Pump Track?

A pump track is a looped circuit of berms, rollers, and jumps that cyclists move through by “pumping” rather than pedaling. They’re popular park features, and are fantastic resources for kids (and kids at heart) to practice bike handling skills and connect with like-minded community members.

Track Details

The Flood Park Pump Track will take the place of the existing tennis court on the property (new tennis courts will be installed elsewhere in the park). It will be roughly 12,000 square feet in size; a little smaller than the Chanticleer and Harvey West Pump Tracks in Santa Cruz County. It will feature a paved asphalt surface and welcome cyclists, skateboarders, and roller skaters to weave throughout redwood and oak trees.

The existing trees at Flood Park are absolutely gorgeous, and our SCMTS Trail Crew is taking special precautions to support their long-term health. A San Mateo County Parks arborist helped us meet tree protection requirements throughout the design and construction planning process. The track’s design avoids areas directly adjacent to trees, and our team is using both geotextile fabric and geoweb cells to strengthen the subgrade and minimize compaction and disturbance within tree root protection zones.

Construction Timeline

Our crew began construction at the very end of July, and they’ve already made great progress! They demolished the tennis court during their first week in the field, and have since moved on to craft the start mound for the track. They’ll begin shaping the pump track features next–follow us on social media to see the latest field updates!

Following the construction of this pump track, San Mateo County Parks will move forward with the rest of Phase 1 construction outlined in its “Realize Flood Park” plan. Learn more about upcoming renovations at Flood Park by visiting the project’s website here.


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