What to Expect at the New Big Basin

June 15, 2022
California State Parks recently completed a visioning process to reimagine Big Basin post-wildfire. We broke down the results of what you might experience once the park reopens.

After months of public workshops and planning, California State Parks has released its plan for rebuilding and reimagining Big Basin! Read the vision summary here, and check out what you can expect at the new Big Basin below.

  • The new welcome center will be located at Saddle Mountain
    • The historic welcome center will be honored through park interpretation

  • The CZU wildfire will be a prominent part of your visit
    • In addition to interpretive signage, the forest will be in long-term recovery and feature scars from CZU

  • You’ll see fewer cars in the old growth redwoods area of the park
    • Development will be limited in this area, and facilities will have a light footprint.

  • Campgrounds will be located along Lodge Road and at Little Basin
    • Sempervirens and Blooms Creek campgrounds will not reopen

    • The new campgrounds will offer a variety of different types of camping experiences, with a focus on seclusion and immersion into nature

  • A shuttle service will help reduce car traffic in the park
    • The shuttle will top at trailheads and allow park visitors to complete point-to-point adventures without worrying about transportation back to their vehicles

  • The existing trail network will be reestablished so that hiking, biking, and equestrian use feels the same as pre-CZU.
    • Following restoration of existing trails, additional trails, access points, and camping locations will be explored.

  • Online reservations for park admittance, parking, and camping may be required during busy seasons.

  • Rancho del Oso will be an alternative entrance to the park.
    • Trails will connect to the old growth core of the park and provide opportunities to enjoy the forest

Our Trail Crew will complete essential trail restoration work in Big Basin.

We can’t wait to get out to Big Basin and complete some much-needed trail work later this year. We’ll start restoration in the backcountry trails, and help bring this brand-new vision for California’s oldest State Park to life!

Learn more about our fire recovery work here


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