Pogonip Creek Nature Bridge

Completed in 2019

The SCMTS Trail Crew and the City of Santa Cruz’s Summer Youth Trail Crew joined forces to rebuild a hazardous bridge on the popular Pogonip hiking trails.

In July of 2019, the SCMTS Trail Crew joined forces with the City of Santa Cruz’s Summer Youth Trail Crew to reconstruct the Pogonip Creek Nature Loop Bridge. The team was tasked with replacing the old, rotting bridge, and went above-and-beyond to create a beautiful new bridge built with local redwood timber.

The new bridge is large and composed of two 26-foot spans that meet together in the middle. Support for the bridge is provided by four 680-pound abutments that are buried into the ground providing a solid foundation. The wood needed for these abutments could have cost thousands of dollars, but the team instead was able to mill the lumber out of a fallen redwood that was partially blocking the trail. The lumber was milled onsite using an Alaskan chainsaw mill provided by a superstar SCMTS volunteer.

This project was funded by the City of Santa Cruz.

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