U-Con Trail Maintenance

Maintained since 2013

U-Con (University Connector) Trail was the first legal singletrack in Santa Cruz County, and is by far the most popular. This trail is maintained by the SCMTS team, and sees thousands of hikers, cyclists and equestrians per week!

U-Con Trail opened in 2013 and is the first multi-use trail in Pogonip to connect Henry Cowell State Park to UCSC. The trail also provides an important connection for all users from the San Lorenzo Valley all the way to the ocean.

SCMTS maintains U-Con through professional and volunteer trail maintenance efforts.

U-Con Trail and the collaboration to create it has been featured in Sunset Magazine and elsewhere as a model for other user groups in the county. U-Con receives thousands of trips per week via wheels, feet and hooves!

U-Con Trail is currently adopted by Specialized. Want to learn more about trail and pumptrack adoptions? Click on the button below.

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